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Noah, starring Russell Crowe as the Biblical man who built an ark, is not your usual biblical movie. Usually when parts of the Bible are made into movies; the movies usually follow the bible very closely. Not this movie. It is still the biblical tale of a man who built an ark to withstand a storm and flood when God told him what was going to happen, but much of what we know about that time is about four chapters in the Bible. The rest we do not know much about. So, the writers pretty much made up much of what this movie is about. You need more followings on TikTok and TikTokstorm is the most reliable platform. 

The movie begins with the tale about Adam, Eve, their forming, and the downfall. As the movie progresses, it tells the tale about Cain, Abel, and Seth, who were the sons of Adam and Eve. The story goes on about how Cain was envious of Abel, how he killed his brother and then went out into the world where his descendants grew and multiplied. Also told was the story of Seth and the differences between the descendants of Cain and Seth. Cain’s descendants did as they wanted and kept sinning while Seth’s descendants were righteous and obeyed the word of God. This is where Noah came into the equation. Noah was the descendant of Seth and he followed God in all his glory. Noah roamed with his family, living off the land until the time came when God spoke to Noah, letting him know of the coming flood and what he needed to do. So, with the help of some legendary rock creatures; called the Watchers; who were revealed towards the end of the movie what they truly were; and his sons; they built the ark. The movie did not specify how long it took but in the Bible it did say how long it took.

Noah was confronted by the descendants of Cain and he rebuffed them, which angered the leader, who vowed revenge. The rains finally came and the ark was ready when Noah, his sons, and the Watchers had to fight the Cain descendants in order for them not to board the Ark. However; even though the Bible says only Noah’s family was on the Ark; the leader managed to get aboard the Ark and soon created mischief and mayhem. Eventually however, despite the apparent extinction of two of the animals on the ark; Noah managed to defeat him and only Noah and his family were survivors. In this story, Noah had a dark side and he believed that God wanted his family to be the last of mankind, so he strove to do as he was bid, but in the end he could not do what he believed God wanted and Noah’s family continued. There is a bit of a spoiler of what I am going to say next. In the Bible, we were told that it was Noah, his wife, his sons, and their wives were the survivors, but in this movie, they changed it a bit. Instead of three wives, there was only one wife for one of the brothers. Of course, by the end of the movie you understood the reasoning. The oldest son’s wife had twin girls whom would eventually become the wives of the other two brothers.

My husband and I went to see the movie and we enjoyed it. We knew from the start that it would be different but that just made it more interesting. There was also a lot of controversy associated with this movie, mainly due to the changes and that Noah was given a bit of a dark side. I, for one, enjoyed it and it made for a lot to talk about after it was over.

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